Our capabilities and infrastructure are primed for providing end-to-end support to customers that includes customized concept design, detailed design and engineering, manufacturing, on-site commissioning and after-sales support.

Concept Design

Our experts work closely with customers to understand the parameters of their cleaning requirements such as part geometry, nature and size of contaminants, cleanliness norms, throughput time and production line layout. Based on these parameters and our extensive database of designs, our experts formulate the optimal cleaning system having the appropriate layout, cleaning processes, filtration and automation systems; ensuring that the required cleaning results are delivered at minimum cost and energy consumption

Detailed Design and Engineering

Our design department specializes in the detailed designing of cleaning systems, and is conversant with the latest global mechanical and automation technology relevant to parts cleaning systems. We also have in-house controls and software engineering teams that are experts in controls design, PLC & HMI and robot programming for cleaning systems, and provide full-fledged support for seamless integration of our systems with the customers material handling and software systems


We have over 4000 sqm of floor space dedicated to manufacturing cleaning systems, allowing us build washers for large loads and deliver multiple projects simultaneously. As a result of our vast experience, we have an accomplished workforce and streamlined supply chain that have shortened our turnaround times without compromising on quality

Testing and Quality Assurance

All cleaning systems built by us undergo strict quality checks during fabrication and assembly, and a meticulous testing program when they are powered up. Cleanliness results are tested at our in-house cleanliness testing lab. We dispatch cleaning systems from our works only after they have passed our testing program and fulfilled the prove-out conditions specified by the customer.

Installation, Commissioning and Training

We perform on-site installation and commissioning for all our cleaning systems. Additionally, our service engineers conduct detailed training programs for our customers' production and maintenance personnel.

After-Sales Service

We provide the full spectrum of after-sales services covering maintenance and repair, spares, retrofitting and retooling, and remote diagnostics.