Cleaning Processes & Automation


We provide a wide array of parts-handling automation solutions for enabling unmanned operation and easy integration of our cleaning systems in the customer's production facility.

Pick-and-Place Systems

In order to ensure appropriate component orientation and unmanned operation,we provide reliable pick and place systems having pneumatic grippers.

Servo-Driven Gantries

We supply built-in servo-driven gantries with multi-axis motion for automatic loading and unloading in our cleaning systems. This is a modular automation solution which provides seamless integration where the washer is placed at a location in customer's production layout where fully automated material handling is not available.

Automatic Part Transfer System

This is a cost-effective automation solution in which an overhead mechanism moves the parts from the entry-side roller conveyor on to the loading station, and from the unloading station on to the exit-side roller conveyor.

Closed-Loop Conveyors

Wherever required, we supply closed-loop conveyors for transferring empty pallets, and aiding assembly operations - typically, the return conveyor is integrated with the customer's assembly stations. These systems are equipped with cross-transfer mechanisms for completing the conveyor loop. We have supplied closed-loop conveyors 30+ metres in length, having automatic pallet identification and presentation mechanisms.

Powerised Conveyors

We supply powerised or power-and-free conveyors of the required dimensions as extensions of our cleaning systems for integration with the customer's material-handling system.