Cleaning Processes & Automation

Ancillary Systems

Filtration Systems

We offer a wide range of filtration options including but not limited to bag filters, auto-backwash filters, vacuum band filters andcyclone filters that have increased bath life and lower maintenance requirements. The filtration system is designed taking into consideration the applicable parameters like contaminant types and load,and cleanliness requirement.

Workholding Devices

We have extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing fixtures, pallets and baskets for cleaning systems. We provide workholding devices that can accommodate part variety with no setup change. These devices facilitate high-quality cleaning because of their open, accessible design with minimum part contact and shadow.


Our cleaning systems are equipped with the top-of-the-line PLCs and HMIs, and latest controls elements such as distributed I/Os and I/O link sensors from global leading brands. Our washers have automatic wash program selection enabled by part identification with the applicable sensors or vision systems. Furthermore, the machine's logic has numerous intelligent checks for ensuring safe and fool-proof operation.The HMIs contain detailed graphical representation of the cleaning system along with fault diagnostics and preventive maintenance schedules.We also provide capabilities for RFID tag reading and writing.

Systems for Energy Efficiency

We lay emphasis on making every cleaning system as energy efficient as possible, as this makes the operation of our systems more economical and environment friendly. Cleaning systems are generally known to be large consumers of thermal energy. We reduce this burden by providing the option for ambient temperature washing and alternatives to electric heating like gas heating, heat pumps and heat exchangers for recovering heat from hot water used for other manufacturing processes. Additional measures for energy efficiency include high-quality insulation for prevention of heat losses and usage of energy efficient motors. Also, we stress on optimal sizing, flow parameter setting and measures of preventing idle running to avoid excess energy consumption.